keep the little hands warm – cozy baby/toddler mittens

As I mentioned in a previous post I have made some mittens for my 3 years old daughter. I used the same yarn as for the striped adult mittens. It’s thick and warm and a mixture of acrylic and wool. I used these gorgeous snowfall mittens by Whistle & Ivy (really one of my favorite sites for crochet patterns. Their stuff is all so pretty!) as an inspiration. I didn’t follow the pattern because I had different yarn and I wanted to use hdc instead of dc, but the basic idea is the same. And so here is how my mittens turned out:

I’m thinking about a matching hat – oh man, the kids already got more than enough hats and beanies 😂🙈


super sweet baby butterfly wrist warmers pattern

Wow, I’m so in love with these little wrist warmers and butterflies. This was such a fun project! I had made such wrist warmers for my daughter before and when another mom saw her wearing those she asked me to make some for her and her daughter, too. Plus a matching beanie…  I didn’t have a pattern for both, so it took me a while to figure out how I did it – but this time I wrote it down. In case I need it again and of course because I want to share this pattern with you 😉 The beanie pattern will come sooooooooon…!

What you need:

100g medium weight yarn (I used Lana Grossa Cool Wool, 100% Merino)

crochet hook sizes around 3,5 mm and 4,5 mm

small amount of thinner yarn (for butterfly applications. I used Schachenmeyer Catania in white and pink)
Baby wrist warmers (make 2)

1. For the ribbing with 3,5 mm hook ch 6. slst in 2nd ch from hook,  sl st 4, turn (5)

2. – 15.  ch 1, sl st 5 in BLO, turn (5)

16. sl st ends together. Turn seam in. 1,* hdc 2, 2 hdc in one st* repeat around , join to first hdc with a sl st (20)

change to a bigger hook size

18.-24. ch1, hdc around, join (20)

(next row will work the thumbhole)

25. left hand: ch1, hdc 5, ch2, sk 2 st, hdc 13, join (20)

25. right hand: ch1, hdc 17, ch2, sk 2 st, hdc 1, join (20)

26.-27. ch 1, hdc around, join (20)

28. ch1, sc around, join (20)

weave in ends.

For the butterflies I followed this pattern by bellacoco.

sew them on – not too tight! – and you’re done!


Hats with hearts and V’s 

it’s cold outside. Best time of the year for making hats 😝 I’m doing nothing else at the moment (…)

I show you two hats I made for my kids.

The pattern for this one (with the hearts) is called “Toddler Puppy Love Hat”, it’s a free pattern by Whistle & Ivy. You can find it here. I love the color fade..

The second one is a simple 2 colors V-Stitch Beanie with a big Pom-Pom.  Looking quite oversized on my son though 🤔

What do you think? What kind of hats are you working on?